The NFL’s Globalization Problem

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When it comes to the perceived decline of the National Football League (NFL) most look at the declining television ratings and player safety concerns. Although those are some pressing concerns, one factor that is being overlooked is globalization. And for the NFL to thrive in the distant future it can’t just be an American sport.

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And the NFL knows this very well. Why do you think there are more international games in London, Mexico City, and future plans for games in China? And compared to other Americans leagues like the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB) the NFL is lacking in international recognition.
Although the NFL has made a concentrated effort in trying to go global its strategy is insufficient. The NFL is doing the right thing in hosting more international games to give itself more recognition, but the NFL is missing one vital aspect; culture.
Cultural expansion is just as important an expansion team. Take the NBA for example, the culture of basketball has become global with fans in every country taking in everything basketball. The NBA has taken advantage of social media in its effort to be more global. They encourage players and teams to interact with each other on twitter and sometimes their interactions go viral. Something the NFL has been slow to embrace.
In addition, the NFL needs international players on its rosters. Having just American stars on your rosters will not translate to international success. Representation is Image result for greek freakimportant. Again, look at the NBA. They have rosters full of international players and now some international stars. From Kristaps Porzingis (Latvia) to Giannis Antetokounmpo aka “The Greek Freak” (Greece/Nigeria) to Joel Embiid (Cameroon), the NBA has international representation. The NFL, on the other hand, has the lowest percentage of foreign-born players of all the American sporting leagues and no international stars.
The NFL has many challenges when it comes to its future in a growing global market. One of the challenges will be trying to break off the notion that it is just a sport played in America. Increasing international recognition of the sport is important but it will not mean anything if the NFL does not add more international representation.

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If the NFL is not careful it may very well end up like the sport of cricket. Cricket was an immensely popular sport in the 18th century. However, cricket was predominantly an English sport and only grew fame across the British empire. Even today most of the major cricket playing countries are past British colonies. The sport did not spread past the boundaries of the British Empire (India, Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, West Indies, and more) and now the International Cricket Council (ICC) is paying for it as they have faced challenges in promoting cricket across the world. The sport is thriving regionally but obsolete globally. A situation the NFL may very well be in if its strategy is too focused on finance and not culture.


A Democrat Won In Alabama?

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Doug Jones is the United States Senator-elect for the state of Alabama. A Democrat won in one of the reddest states in the union. A state that the leader of the Republican party, Trump, won by 25+ points. Many experts called the race a practical toss-up but always felt that this was Trump’s country and Roy Moore would win amid the allegations of sexual harassment and pedophilia. Well like the 2016 presidential debate the experts were wrong.

The last Democrat to win Alabama was Richard Shelby, in 1992. However, he later would switch parties two years into his second term. So, in essence, Doug Jones is the first true modern age democrat Alabama has had. The Democrats of Alabama’s past are inherently different from the Democrats of today.

Image result for The reason I originally endorsed Luther Strange (and his numbers went up mightily), is that I said Roy Moore will not be able to win the General Election. I was right! Roy worked hard but the deck was stacked against him!
To no one’s surprise, the Republicans tried to negate the severity of their loss by stating Roy Moore was too toxic of a candidate to win anyways. Too much baggage was on him anyways. Well, that is all true, but Trump did win an election last year. Moore and he were very similar candidates except for the pedophilia allegations. Both had sexual harassment allegations. Both had a history of racism. Both were incredibly divisive.

Establishment Republicans are trying to deflect from the reality that this loss is a huge warning sign. A sign that their embrace of Trump and reluctance to speak up against him is going to backfire in 2018. The signs are all in the polling data (CNN exit polls).
Firstly, black voters were incredibly energized. Black turnout eclipsed the 2012 presidential race (28% in 2012; 29% in 2017). You can look at that and dismiss the attention on the 1% uptick as nothing more than Democrats looking too hopeful. However, the fact of the matter is that this was a special election. Special elections usually have low turnout rates across pretty much all demographics so for it to eclipse the 28% from the 2012 Presidental election, which had an African-American presidential candidate,  is impressive. Very impressive. This is very problematic for Republicans in any scenario.

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Republicans will now have to be cautious in the reddest of states, but particularly, states with a lot of minority voters. States like Nevada and Arizona are not as impossible to win anymore if Democrats can galvanize minority voters, such as Hispanics.


Trump is also ruining the Republican brand. No Democrat since Richard Shelby has won election to the Senate in 25 years. With that in mind consider the fact that 47% of Alabama voters said they approved of the Democratic Party while 43% said the same of the Republican Party. Democrats are becoming more popular than Republicans in even the reddest of states.
Also, Trump is becoming ever so unpopular. President Trump won Alabama by 25+ points in 2016. Well in 2017 his disapproval rating is 48%. In Alabama! This is a state in where he coasted to an easy victory just a year ago.

This all spells doom for Republicans in swing states. Especially if the Democrats use the lessons of the 2016 Presidential Election in the 2018 mid-terms. Alabama was a good catalyst test for their strategy: less talk about Trump, more talk on solutions. Americans are growing ever more tired of the divisiveness of the political climate and are now just looking for people with solutions to our country’s problems. Reasons why Jones may have won moderates by 74% to Moore’s 25%.

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The next few months will be interesting. Will we start to see President Donald Trump’s rhetoric change? Will John Kelly advise him that his tweets are doing him and his party a lot of harm? Who knows honestly. But I would not hold my breath on it. President Trump is not one of change. If there’s one thing we know about Trump is that he can be stubborn in his ways. That stubbornness may cost Republicans the majority in the Senate and House.

If the Republicans are hammered in 2018, questions will then be asked if whether Trump should run for re-election in 2020. At the end of the day though, all this as speculation. But if there’s one thing the 2016 election and the 2017 Alamaba Senate election told us is that we are living in an increasingly unpredictable world. 2018 and 2020 will really test America. It is anyone’s guess whether we will fail or pass.

The Fall of the Republican Party


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The Republican party has failed. They will undoubtedly find it hard to rise from this. There was a time when the Republican party was respectable. Democrats and Republicans had their disagreements but at the same time, there was some type of mutual respect for many members of each party. Now? That mutual respecting is starting to fade away. As many don’t look at Republicans the same way.
Republicans have made their bed with the election of Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a very powerful man now. I mean he is the President of a superpower. Not only that but his base is a lot larger than most would like to admit. They are passionate and unwavering in their support for him.
Trump has used social media to reach his base a lot more quickly. When he tweets his opinions or retweets things it’s all with his base in mind. Never have we lived in a time where we can get the presidents thoughts on things so quickly. His thoughts sometimes supersede what the official White House statement was going to be.

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To me, Trump tweeting at 3 am reminds me of the regular people I see on my timeline who many times share their deepest thoughts at night. Whether it’s their sexual fantasies or what they think about life in general. Their more personal feelings are usually shared late at night.
He has also had FOX, a big opponent of his during the Republican primaries, turn into an important ally. Almost everything on there is an endorsement of Trump. He has both the regular media and social media to further his agendas. The easier it is to reach his base the easier it is to hold on to his power.

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No matter how much he shows he’s not a great leader the Republican party will have to swallow their pride and still show their support for him. They must because it will be a great risk to go against Trump. Just ask those congressmen and women that voted against Trump’s vision of repealing and replacing Obamacare. There were even super PACs running ads against those one member of Congress who had voted against the health care bill.
Now you’d think that Trump’s reaction and comments on Charlottesville would galvanize some more Republicans to realize that enough is enough.

Nope. Not at all.

Many Republican leaders are standing up to Trump over his comments but at the end of the day, they know they will still have to work with him on his policy agenda or face the perils of going against Trump.
The Republicans in Washington D.C. need to wake up and realize that they are surrendering their morality. They know that they should be fighting Trump on some of his policies but that would be political suicide.
And that’s where it all boils down to. The Mid-Term elections in 2018 are more important to them than standing up for what is right.

And they will pay for this for many election cycles.


Which is He: A God of wrath or of Mercy? Or is it both? Two artists have rekindled this centuries-old conflict between a merciful and gracious God and a wrathful God. Kendrick Lamar and Chance.

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In my opinion, the two most religious rap albums so far this year are Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book and Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. DAMN has been a lot more successful commercially than Coloring Book but that doesn’t take anything away from how similar these two albums are. The albums combined make over 150 references to God and his likeness. The difference? The way they spoke about God.

Chance speaks of a God that is great and always keeps blessing him. A God that has helped him through all his suffering. Chance has even been praised as a pioneer of “gospel rap. There is a lot of optimism on his album.

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Chance, however, isn’t a blind optimist. There are tracks on Coloring Book where he speaks about the hardships of a sinner (“Same Drugs,” “Summer Friends”). But it seems to me that Chance would rather choose to highlight the positive things going on in life.

However, with Kendrick, he speaks of a God that is wrathful. A God that gives dire punishments for not following His teachings. He questions God in his music. He’s focused on the experiences of individuals and how suffering is central to that experience. Kendrick has long questioned humanity and God. The song “Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst”, off Good Kid Maad City, is about the recognition that there are consequences for sinning.

Our God is a loving God,” Lamar told DJBooth in an email. “Yes. He’s a merciful God. Yes. But he’s even more so a God of DISCIPLE. OBEDIENCE. A JEALOUS God.”

“And for every conscious choice of sin, will be corrected through his discipline,” Lamar continues. “Whether physical or mental. Direct or indirect. Through your sufferings, or someone that’s close to [sic] ken. It will be corrected.”

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Now compare what you read with how you see or hear Chance talk about God and/or religion.

These two are on different sides of the same coin. Both their views on God are necessary. Think about a coin for a minute. Does it matter whether the tail or head is facing you? Does the coin lose any value if one side is showing?


They’re like two halves of one of David’s Psalms.

And that’s the beauty of it all. There is value in both of their approaches.

In conclusion, the main benefit of religion is to induce people to serve themselves and others. Both men talk about that in their music and are big community leaders. One in Compton. Other in Chicago. Neither one will claim to have the answers about faith and God. We need them both in today’s music.


That White Guy

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This is the most iconic sports photograph taken. Images of athletes making political statements still endure. In this iconic picture, we have two Africa-American sprinters, John Carlos and Tommie Smith, raising their gloved fists in a black power salute at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. Their gesture was powerful. They showed defiance against the oppression that was taking place in America at the time. The story of the two sprinters and how monumental their silent protest was has been soliloquized for years. What has been lost in this is the role of that white guy in the picture. His name is Peter Norman.

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At that track event that morning, the 200 meter final, Tommie Smith won gold with a world-record of 19.83 seconds. Mr. Norman finished second with a time of 20.06 seconds. Carlos finished third. Norman’s time was not only his all-time personal best but an Australian record that still stands. After the race, the three athletes went to medal podiums for their medals. Smith and Carlos had previously already decided to make a statement on the podium. They were going to wear black gloves. However, Carlos left his at the Olympic Village. Mr. Norman was the one that told them that they should both wear Smith’s gloves instead but on alternate hands. Which is why Smith is seen raising his right fist, while Carlos raised his left. Mr. Norman had no way of making a protest of his own so he asked a member of the U.S. rowing team for his “Olympic Project for Human Rights” badge so that he could show that he supported Carlos and Smith.

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The consequences were swift for Smith and Carlos as they were sent home. Norman, on the other hand, was never picked to run in the Olympics again. He had qualified for the 200 meters 13 times and 100 meters five times but the powers of Australian track and field decided against taking him to Munich. Norman would retire as soon as he heard that he’d been cut from the Munich team. He even wasn’t invited to the 2000 Sydney Olympics in any capacity. His own country had shunned him for standing with Carlos and Smith. Norman would not get an apology till after his death on October 3, 2006. In August of 2012, the Australian Parliament passed a posthumous apology.

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Norman was a hero for his small but unwavering stand against racism.  The biggest price that he paid was that his outstanding 200 meters final has been overshadowed by the Black Power salute. His run is still seen as one of the best unexpected individual performances by a sprinter.

Like a true hero, Mr. Norman had no grudges.

“It has been said that sharing my silver medal with that incident on the victory dais detracted from my performance,” Norman explains passionately in the bio-doc “Salute”

“On the contrary. I have to confess, I was rather proud to be part of it.”

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Well Frankly When That Ocean…

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Frank Ocean. His music is soulful, holistic, and emotion metabolic. One thing I believe that goes unnoticed is Frank’s references to social justice and the plight of Black people. His references to social issues and it being overlooked isn’t the fault of the listener. Frank Ocean’s voice and music are so angelic that it’s easy to disregard what he’s talking about because the man makes pain and suffering sound so beautiful. I think that Frank does this on purpose to show that through all this suffering there is beauty in it all. But that’s a whole other topic on its own. What I want to do is analyze the beauty in Frank’s music when he discusses inequality and rise and fall of Black royalty.

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Let us start with “Pyramids”. “Pyramids” is a near 10-minute-long song on his critically acclaimed album, Channel Orange. In the song, he tells the tale of the ancient history of the Black women. He uses Cleopatra, who brought dishonor to her country by becoming Marc Antony’s mistress, to symbolize the Black women. For those who don’t know, Marc Antony was a conqueror who wanted Egypt to become a Roman territory and achieved that goal through her. In part one of the song Ocean narrates about how Cleopatra has been stolen from the kingdom. The jewel of Africa. In the outro, he talks about how “our” queen has met her doom and that “He” has killed Cleopatra. “Our” is about the black man and how our queens have been stolen and killed by the White man, “He”. “He” has killed the image of our jewel, Cleopatra. “Cleopatra (black women) is no longer respected but she is instead used and abused by the men who would have risked their lives to protect her honor years ago. This is evident today as men have hypersexualized the black female body. We have made it an object of expenditure. We dishonor what should be honored.

Image result for pyramids cleopatra frank oceanIn part two of the song, we fast forward to today’s world. Cleopatra has now been reduced to a stripper who is also taking care of her unemployed man. She now works at the Pyramids. This was very clever by Frank. He turned a symbol of the greatness of Africa, the Pyramids, and reduced it to the name of a strip club. The song is using history to tell the story of the fall of the Black man and woman in America. Particularly, the Black woman. They went from the worth of a blue moon diamond to a cubic zirconia.

Another song I want to play close attention to is “Crack Rock” off Channel Orange. The song talks about the so-called “War-On-Drugs” in America.  In the bridge of the song, he refers to the crooked cops that fuel the drug trade by letting the dealers sell, as long as they get some of that money too. These types of cops are no good for the community.

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Note: One thing I realized through my research of this song is the famous case of a crooked cop, Barry Seal. Seal is a former CIA operative who worked with cartels to ship cocaine to the town of Mena, Arkansas. Once again Frank Ocean is being very clever. In the first verse of the song he states:

“You don’t know how little you matter until you’re all alone”

“In the middle of Arkansas with a little rock left in that glass dick”

There are many things going on with this. First, Frank Ocean tied the crooked cops in the bridge with the state of Arkansas which happens to be the state one famous cop, Barry Seal, used to make money. Also, in the line “In the middle of Arkansas with a little rock left in that glass dick”, he references to the high use of crack that Arkansas is notorious for and the dealings that happen in Little Rock. It’s a double entendre because little rock is a name given to crack but also the capital of Arkansas.

Furthermore, in the bridge and outro, Frank states how if his brother- I believe he’s talking about black males in general- gets shot he wouldn’t get as much attention as a cop getting shot. For a cop, they will literally send out hundreds to look for the shooter, but there isn’t any justice for the average black male. And we have seen this being played out recently with police shootings of unarmed black people. It sets out the hypocrisy of America and the crooked cops in the justice system. A crooked cop will become remembered and revered if gunned down even though he/she is part of the issue.

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There are many other songs that Frank Ocean talks about social injustice. For example, in Chanel he sings “Police think I’m of the underworld, 12 treat a nigga like he 12”. And his more popular reference in “Nikes”: “RIP Trayvon, that nigga look just like me”. To me these lines make Frank Ocean fall in the same line of other social justice artists. We should be looking at Frank Ocean the same way we look at Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and many others. It’s easy to overlook this because of the beauty of his music. I think that’s why Frank Ocean is my favorite artist. He talks about pain, suffering, corruption, and social justice in a stunning and angelic way. He shows there’s beauty in the struggle. But he also sings about the beauty of hope and how we can overcome our struggles.




What do schadenfreude, Trump, politics, and social media have in common? In my opinion, a lot.  First, let’s tackle that weird looking word “schadenfreude”. The origin of the word is disputed and debated but most agree that it’s German. The word that refers to the feeling of pleasure from another person’s misfortune.

This concept of pleasure from other’s misfortune can be traced back to as far as biblical times. From the Book of Proverbs mentioning an emotion close to schadenfreude: “Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth: Lest the LORD see it, and it displeases him, and he turn away his wrath from him.” (Proverbs 24:17–18, King James Version) to Iago in the play Othello, as he mocks Othello’s suffering. Schadenfreude is even more present today. Just look at twitter for example. Many of the videos that go viral are of someone else’s misfortune. It can be as simple as someone slipping on a wet floor in a humorous way to a less than funny video of an individual finding out they have been cheated on. Look at reality shows like Bad Girls Club. There are numerous instances of schadenfreude being played out in shows like that. Our media in some fashion has been revolving around schadenfreude.


There’s been research done on this phenomenon recently. A recent study from Ohio State University suggests that people use social media to manage their moods. The study found that when people are feeling down about themselves, they start to show more interest in the less attractive, less successful people on social media. So, does this mean that nowadays we love to see other people fail if it makes us feel better about our own failures? Honestly, who knows. I’d personally like to think that regular people aren’t like that but schadenfreude isn’t a new concept. It has just been enhanced with the advent of social media.

Right! Social media. In my opinion, social media helped Trump get elected and that in turn has changed how any future candidate is going to run their campaign. Trump isn’t the first to use social media effectively. I believe that Obama was the first one to use the medium successfully, especially on his reelection campaign. However, Trump’s use of social media was by far more potent. To understand this, you must first understand Mr. Trump’s history and business practices.

To begin, the company that Trump now (used) to run was founded in 1923 by his grandmother Elizabeth Trump and father Fred Trump. The company was called Elizabeth Trump & Son at the time. The company had interests in real estate development, investing, brokerage, sales and marketing, and property management. Before Fred handed the reins of the company to his son in 1971 the company was going through a credibility crisis. Fred had lost millions of dollars to the state of New York. The transition of making Donald president was, in part, because the company needed a new face from the loss of credibility. In 1974 Donald rebranded the company and renamed his enterprise the Trump Organization. At the point of rebranding, the conglomerate comprised of more than sixty separate enterprises. Mr. Trump’s takeover led to a dramatic change in the business strategy of the company. You have to give credit where credit is due and his approach towards publicity was smart. He took his dad’s idea of marketing and put it on ultra drive. Fred was more focused on local real estate, mainly Brooklyn. Mr. Trump had bigger ambitions. Donald’s goal was to transform himself into a living brand. A brand that screamed success and luxury. To that end, he sought out as much media attention as he could get (which he would later use to in the 2016 election). Reasons why you see him in past WWE events and the very reason the apprentice was so successful. Trump knew how to work the media to sell his brand and himself.

Furthermore, I think many of us fail to realize how smart of a man Trump really is. I still think he’s an idiot but just a smart idiot if you catch my drift. If you think a man who used the media to sell his brand did not in some way or fashion use the same platform to help his election you are being disingenuous to the genius of Trump. I’m sure that Trump doesn’t know what schadenfreude is. However, he can thank it for his seat in the oval office and why he has a lot of political power now.


The 2016 election to me was all about schadenfreude, social media, politics, and the infamous remarks Trump made. The remarkable thing about Trump candidacy is the fact that not only were his supporters taking pleasure in it but so were his opponents. Trump’s gaffes and controversial remarks for many was just as enjoyable as watching a fail video. At first, no one took him seriously so there didn’t seem to be any harm in expressing schadenfreude regarding him. I remember at the early onset of the 2016 election all I ever saw on social media was something controversial Trump had said or did. Trump was a walking talking fail video and the media may have taken the number of retweets, views, or clicks on videos of his gaffes as interests. As a result, Trump got a lot of media coverage compared to his Republican opponents. 55.4% of it to be exact. The closest to that number? Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush with around 10%. Yeah small.

RTR394EE copy

Mr. Trump got a lot of free media and in the United States media is king. Trump knew this. The media is how he grew his brand. He knew any type of publicity was good publicity. The media also gave him more of a chance to voice his “policies” as he would phone in many times unannounced to networks voicing his pleasure or displeasure in something. There was even an idea thrown out to have a debate aired between Bernie and Trump. Bernie at the time had no business being in a debate with Trump as Clinton had pretty much already won the Democratic nomination. However, the media kings knew how much viewership and money that would bring. I personally think the media had a love and hate relationship with Trump. Some hated the way he talked but they sure loved the attention he brought. And attention like that equals $$$. And they made A LOT of money off the election and Trump’s controversies. Just google how much these networks made.


In conclusion, schadenfreude, just as in media, is apparent in politics. America is a two-party system ran country. You’re either a Democrat or Republican (that’s slowly changing) and a victory for one side means defeat for the other side. When a member of the Republican party makes a huge gaffe, Democrats report a feeling of schadenfreude and vice versa. This is where things can get complicated as our political climate involves the well-being of others. One side’s downfall can lead to bad consequences for millions of people. Take for example an economic downfall like a recession. Whichever party is in control during it will evidently be blamed for it even if the reason for the economic downfall was due in part to policies that were made by the other party eight years ago. When something spells bad news for one party the other reports a feeling of schadenfreude. As they get some type of joy in the parties’ failings. And I believe we as a nation must very careful about this feeling of schadenfreude. It can become a drug. If it does, just like a drug we will want more and more of it. So, don’t be entirely surprised if someone else like Trump starts getting some political clout. Because we have become a nation of schadenfreude. Just check Twitter and Facebook.