The Fall of the Republican Party


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The Republican party has failed. They will undoubtedly find it hard to rise from this. There was a time when the Republican party was respectable. Democrats and Republicans had their disagreements but at the same time, there was some type of mutual respect for many members of each party. Now? That mutual respecting is starting to fade away. As many don’t look at Republicans the same way.
Republicans have made their bed with the election of Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a very powerful man now. I mean he is the President of a superpower. Not only that but his base is a lot larger than most would like to admit. They are passionate and unwavering in their support for him.
Trump has used social media to reach his base a lot more quickly. When he tweets his opinions or retweets things it’s all with his base in mind. Never have we lived in a time where we can get the presidents thoughts on things so quickly. His thoughts sometimes supersede what the official White House statement was going to be.

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To me, Trump tweeting at 3 am reminds me of the regular people I see on my timeline who many times share their deepest thoughts at night. Whether it’s their sexual fantasies or what they think about life in general. Their more personal feelings are usually shared late at night.
He has also had FOX, a big opponent of his during the Republican primaries, turn into an important ally. Almost everything on there is an endorsement of Trump. He has both the regular media and social media to further his agendas. The easier it is to reach his base the easier it is to hold on to his power.

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No matter how much he shows he’s not a great leader the Republican party will have to swallow their pride and still show their support for him. They must because it will be a great risk to go against Trump. Just ask those congressmen and women that voted against Trump’s vision of repealing and replacing Obamacare. There were even super PACs running ads against those one member of Congress who had voted against the health care bill.
Now you’d think that Trump’s reaction and comments on Charlottesville would galvanize some more Republicans to realize that enough is enough.

Nope. Not at all.

Many Republican leaders are standing up to Trump over his comments but at the end of the day, they know they will still have to work with him on his policy agenda or face the perils of going against Trump.
The Republicans in Washington D.C. need to wake up and realize that they are surrendering their morality. They know that they should be fighting Trump on some of his policies but that would be political suicide.
And that’s where it all boils down to. The Mid-Term elections in 2018 are more important to them than standing up for what is right.

And they will pay for this for many election cycles.



Which is He: A God of wrath or of Mercy? Or is it both? Two artists have rekindled this centuries-old conflict between a merciful and gracious God and a wrathful God. Kendrick Lamar and Chance.

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In my opinion, the two most religious rap albums so far this year are Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book and Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. DAMN has been a lot more successful commercially than Coloring Book but that doesn’t take anything away from how similar these two albums are. The albums combined make over 150 references to God and his likeness. The difference? The way they spoke about God.

Chance speaks of a God that is great and always keeps blessing him. A God that has helped him through all his suffering. Chance has even been praised as a pioneer of “gospel rap. There is a lot of optimism on his album.

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Chance, however, isn’t a blind optimist. There are tracks on Coloring Book where he speaks about the hardships of a sinner (“Same Drugs,” “Summer Friends”). But it seems to me that Chance would rather choose to highlight the positive things going on in life.

However, with Kendrick, he speaks of a God that is wrathful. A God that gives dire punishments for not following His teachings. He questions God in his music. He’s focused on the experiences of individuals and how suffering is central to that experience. Kendrick has long questioned humanity and God. The song “Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst”, off Good Kid Maad City, is about the recognition that there are consequences for sinning.

Our God is a loving God,” Lamar told DJBooth in an email. “Yes. He’s a merciful God. Yes. But he’s even more so a God of DISCIPLE. OBEDIENCE. A JEALOUS God.”

“And for every conscious choice of sin, will be corrected through his discipline,” Lamar continues. “Whether physical or mental. Direct or indirect. Through your sufferings, or someone that’s close to [sic] ken. It will be corrected.”

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Now compare what you read with how you see or hear Chance talk about God and/or religion.

These two are on different sides of the same coin. Both their views on God are necessary. Think about a coin for a minute. Does it matter whether the tail or head is facing you? Does the coin lose any value if one side is showing?


They’re like two halves of one of David’s Psalms.

And that’s the beauty of it all. There is value in both of their approaches.

In conclusion, the main benefit of religion is to induce people to serve themselves and others. Both men talk about that in their music and are big community leaders. One in Compton. Other in Chicago. Neither one will claim to have the answers about faith and God. We need them both in today’s music.